Thursday, March 23, 2006

Defies common sense?

I just realized something this morning and it's been in my head ever since. Why do they have braille on the digits of drive up ATM'S? It makes no sense at all. I tried looking this up online, feeling sure that this was in compliance with some law, but found nothing. Just another of those things that defy common sense?


Anonymous said...

What if a blind guy didn't have cash to pay for his taxi ride? :-)

AJ said...

Hmm, did not think of it that way :). But I guess that blind guy might need to change his PIN after that.

Anonymous said...

The PIN appears as **** on the display. So, probably even that wouldn't be required.
Brings back the same old dilemma: Is the amount of effort worth it all!!

APOO said...

I think its more to do with the machinery lines. Once in production, you would rather just get them out in a lot, having braille, than have one line for braille and another normal one.