Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hello World ver 3.0

The last few weeks have been eventful for me. I've moved to Los Angeles to start a new job. Everything is new for me here, new coast, new city, new job everything. So why not a new blog?

Actually the reason I have a new blog is that I got tired of hosting my blog on my own machine. Besides the obvious, that my blog went down whenever my machine did, I did not like the hole security hole. Not that DotNetNuke has security problems, just that I was not sure I was doing the necessary house keeping.

So here it is, my third "Hello World" post. Pasted below is my first "Hello World" post.


I have been hearing about blogs since quite some time now. But when I heard that "Blog" was the most popular search on Dictionary.com, I knew I had to jump onto the bandwagon NOW. And so here I am writing on a strange website, not knowing if anybody is ever going to read what I write. But this will give me a chance to write and sometimes I really enjoy writing. So I hope I get a few hits and people enjoy reading my blogs.

Today is the 5th of December. Another day I wasted not studying for MCAD. My original plan was to give a test before I leave for India (22nd December), but my motivation levels to study over the weekend after a tiring work-week are downright non-existent.

Today I watched the Eagles beat the Green Bay Packers 47-17. Donovan McNabb had 5 TD's passes. Was fun watching a guy from my university (Syracuse) on TV :)

Today was also the first day that I had to turn on the heater. Although it was for a brief while, it reminded me of the days at Syracuse and how much better the weather is here at Daytona.

I spend most of the day trying to setup my new desktop computer. After installing the operating system (XP professional), the first thing I did was to install the must haves like Winamp, VideoLan, FireFox etc. Tomorrow I will install a FTP server and IIS. I am planning to use this machine to host my website, which I will develop in ASP.NET. I was waiting since a long time for this. All the commercial hosts for hosting ASP.NET web pages are too expensive. So this way I'll save some cash. Whether I will actually get around to making the website is questionable though. LOL.

Anyways.. this is the end of my first post. I have already edited it 3 times. Here's to many successful, entertaining and popular blogs. Cheers.



APOO said...

Man... I am tired of updating my link to you on my blog! Next time, I will charge you!

Welcome to blogspot bro. I hope this time you are here to stay!

AJ said...

You still have to update the link to this page. I promise to not change this one :)