Thursday, April 06, 2006

4th ODI, commentary and cricket

So, yesterday night as I was getting ready to dose off, my brother called me and gave me a link to the 4th ODI between India and England. As soon as I started the web stream, a flood of emotions came rushing back. It brought back so many memories of watching hours and hours of cricket and even more time spent on discussions with friends. Leaving out the last world cup, I’ve hardly watched any cricket in the past 6 year. But inspite of that the sport just feels so intimate, so familiar.
---Being rant
Even after all these years, the commentary left much to desire. It’s still the same old, formulaic and full of cliché’s. "The ball is coming on to the bat", "Cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties", wonder where I have heard that?
When will the commentators stop insulting the intelligence of the people that are perhaps the most knowledgeable listeners of any sport; by saying "the best way to stop the runs flowing is to take wickets"? We know that since a long time.
---End rant

Other than the unimaginative commentary, it was nice to see the familiar faces of Dravid, Bhaaji, Vuraj, Kaif, Agarkar etc. And also to finally put faces to the now familiar names of Pathan, Dhoni, etc. Saw a couple of run-outs being decided by the third-umpire and a questionable lbw decision (that of Batty). I tried to stay awake for the Indian innings, but could not. Ahh, how I miss watching cricket, discussing cricket, analyzing every shot, commenting on every ball being bowled, reading about cricket, thinking cricket, playing cricket, breathing cricket, living cricket.

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Anonymous said...

Still remember that cricket match from the 2000 tour down under where India beat Pakistan in Adelaide and we were all in the 5:13 AD-BR (Added the timing just for effect!! ;))